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the last day, after performance...


our staff

Ms. Namiyo Kubo, artist painter, participated in the performance "Toukasetsu" as a fashion model.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 2011, she goes to a small town of Iwate many times to support local children. She heals the wound of the heart of children by letting them draw a picture.
After the performance, she had a new idea: Let children design the original clothing, draw it on the paper, and hold a Fashion Show !
The show came to the end enjoying a favorable reception and a repeat performance is planned soon.

messages from audience

I was enchanted by theater, fashion show and dance performance on stage with such a moving story.
When MOE (name of heroine) appeared from the front door, wearing her wedding dress, I wanted to applaud her !
I was so touched. (gentleman in 60's)

How will this story continue ? When is the next ? (8-year-old girl, when the performance just finished)


impressed by seeing such a harmony between Japanese culture and Occidental culture.


Beautiful Staging and touching story.


After performance, I was surprised the time has past so fast ! It was like a dream.


Fantastic and moving !


I can't tell easily this emotion...so touching.


It was so beautiful...

leading actress (after performance)


3 actress & a model


On last day, there was a lady who was shedding tears during the performance.
With a collaboration of many staff, an experimental performance of harmony between theater and fashion show, made by young artists, moved our audience. We are so pleased and proud of that.


Preparation and Rehearsal


message from stage director